CCI has expansive knowledge and in depth experience in land use planning in San Diego County. We work with both the public and private sectors, understand the needs of all construction projects and know what is required to bring a project from concept to completion. CCI has a successful and long standing working relationships with the City of San Marcos, City of Vista, City of Escondido, City of Carlsbad, and both the City and County of San Diego planning and environmental agencies. CCI provides excellence in a full spectrum of land use planning services including the preparation and processing of Specific Plans, General Plan Amendments, Rezones, Conditional Use Permits, Special Use Permits, Director’s Permits, Tentative Subdivision Maps, and Tentative Parcel Maps, just to name a few. We work with Farrar Consulting to provide the highest level of excellence in professional consulting and management services for communities, developers, jurisdictions and more.

Who Is Consultants Collaborative?

CCI is comprised of a dedicated team of land use consultants that act as an extension of your staff, building consensus for clients to ensure successful entitlement and construction of every project. For more than 3 decades, CCI has consistently been successful in getting extremely difficult entitlement projects approved thru municipalities, counties, environmental agencies and federal agencies. We provide excellence in project design, entitlement negotiations, creative legislature lobbying, public relations, environmental analysis, habitat management, and facility planning. Our professional consulting and management services in association with Farrar Consulting offers a wide range of services specific to your needs. CCI works with and manages teams of consultants ranging from architects, engineers, lawyers and financiers to ensure joint solutions for each project’s success.

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